Eye Cream For Men – Does it Work?

Men typically don’t use any sort of skin care products on a daily basis unless they are either coaxed by their significant others or live what people call a “metrosexual” life, being really in touch with the things that many women use as methods to look more fresh and younger. However, with men becoming aware of the various affects of aging that show up on their faces as they grow older, they are becoming more in tune with skin care products, more exact, anti aging products. An eye cream is a popular first anti aging product among men.
But the question I pose today – do they work? The answer is a resounding yes.
Men have found success with anti aging creams just like women have. Most men realize that many signs of aging start appearing around age 30. The common signs of aging are listed below:
*dark circles under and around the eyes
*eye wrinkles and crows feet
*loss of plumpness of skin directly under the eyes
*puffy eyes and eye bags
These can all be treated with an eye cream or eye serum. These are powerful blends of peptide ingredients geared to fight those nasty signs of aging on contact, and in some of the best eye creams, continue to treat them therapeutically as time goes on.
Eye creams are available readily in many different types and forms. The most basic forms are available in general stores such as the local pharmacy, and the most advanced formulas are available online and in the upper tier of retailers such as a large department store. The difference in price is normally due to the ingredient mix. Some ingredients, such as the ones found in the best eye creams, are imported from laboratories overseas, and can come with a hefty price tag. However, these specially formulated products work wonders on the skin under and around the eyes. Some of the more potent ingredients are listed below.
*Haloxyl. Gets rid of dark circles under the eyes
*Argirelene. Works similar to botox as it relaxes the facial muscles, all in a cream-based solution.
*Resveratrol. A great antioxidant source, this fights free radicals.
There are many, many more ingredients out there that work well together and on their own. Men, just like women, are turning to these daily use eye creams as they really can make them look much younger. In a quick-to-judge society, it’s important for men to arrive to work looking their best. Many people associate dark circles with partying and late nights. Perceptions can be made and judgments can be made as well. It’s important for men to look their best, and they have been using an eye cream to treat just this issue.
So, to answer the question I posed – Do eye creams work for men? Yes, and most men over the age of thirty are starting to realize this and take advantage of these anti aging skin care wonder creams.

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