Oily Skin Care – How To Find Treatment Which Will Normalize Your Skin Balance

When we talk about oily skin care we usually mean that the oil glands have gone into overdrive and the appearance is not exactly what we want. The skin looks oily and greasy.
There is some good news however in that oily skin will age much more slowly. The reason is that any excess sebum we produce is really useful in keeping hydration at an optimal level. This means that all the signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin will be less evident and will appear much later than those people who happen to suffer from dry sensitive skin.
Oily skin care usually means that we have to limit the number of times we wash our face each day so that we do not dehydrate the skin too much. When that happens, the oil glands or sebaceous glands again go into overdrive and we end up with even oilier skin!
The best treatment of all for oily skin care is to avoid mineral oils in any moisturizer that we may pick up at the shopping mall. These oils can clog pores and that is only going to make a bad situation worse.
Avoiding fatty, greasy foods and alcohol can help in that the liver is not overworked in getting rid of toxins so that will help us to keep a clearer complexion.
The best method of all is to find oily skincare products which contain moisturizing oils which will normalize the whole skin balance. That means that by choosing products with ingredients that are plant derived will help us to restore the balance. This is ideal in that we never have to worry whether they are suitable for dry skin or oily skin.
The best ingredients of all to help with your normalization process are babassu wax and jojoba oil which is a sort of pressed oil gained from crushing the seeds of the jojoba plant which comes from California. They will help you to moisturize without sending the sebaceous glands into a frenzy of activity.
Babassu wax is also a popular choice for oily skin care but very few companies are using this particular ingredient. This oil comes from the kernel of the palm of the same name which still grows in The Amazon. Its great capacity to actually moisturize without making the skin at all oily is what makes it especially valuable for problems of this type. It can soothe and soften the skin too.
Imagine these ingredients working in synergy with other natural ones which are fighting free radicals and getting our own collagen to start regenerating again and also keeping up levels of HA. Very few products are capable of that. Those that come anywhere near are using doubtful ingredients which have a poor safety record.
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