Organic Is Beautiful

At some point over the last decade, every part of our lives has become commercialized. With busy lives, two income families, car-pooling and commuting, we look for ways to save on time. Unfortunately, when it comes to beauty products, commercial is rarely the way to go.
The switch to organics and natural products to enhance and maintain our skin, hair, nails and overall health, has not only proven itself to be more healthful, it also saves on time, money and the environment.
Most of the store bought products use natural products as the active ingredient, and then supplement it with chemicals and preservatives to give it a long shelf life, a pretty colour and an inviting scent. This is often a necessary part of the manufacturing process in order to get natural ingredients into the bottles you see on the shelf.
However, you can skip the whole process, but simply going directly to the source! For example, why purchase coconut based skin creams, when you can use organic coconut oil? Not only does it have a long shelf life, it’s completely natural and will cost much less than products that are made from it. You’ll get a great moisturizer for your skin, save money, and you won’t be adding unnecessary waste to our overburdened planet. One jar of coconut oil will compare to about 100 bottles of lotion, so it’s pretty easy math.
Organic products are found in your garden, your kitchen cupboards and your local supermarket. There are also specialty supply stores that offer harder to find organic products and ingredients. Any book store, whether it’s brick and mortar or on the web, can provide you with a wide array of books that include beauty recipes and products you can make easily in your home from natural products.
From dandruff to dry skin, there’s an organic solution to almost every aesthetic problem. Going natural allows you to take control and reduce unwanted chemicals and toxins you are exposed to, leaving an organically beautiful you.

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