Tips To Prevent Sun Spots As Part Of Skin Care

In summer months, an important aspect of skin care is to take steps to prevent sun spots. Hyper-pigmentation is commonly referred to as sun spots, discoloration, age spots and brown spots. This problem can be avoided or controlled by following simple tips, especially during summer months when it gets accentuated. This aspect of skin care is more pertinent for people who are prone to hyper-pigmentation. During summer months, these sun spots become more visible. Simple tips to control the problem of sun spots have been explained below.
Limiting exposure to direct sunlight as well as heat
The best practice in this regard is avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. In previous years, it was believed that sun spots were caused as a result of exposure to sunlight. However, research in recent years seems to suggest that melanin activity of the skin can be stimulated by the heat apart from direct UV from the sun. Therefore, even though using sun protection agents like hats and glasses may be good for skin improvement, they may not always be able to prevent sun spots.
Generous application of sunscreen lotion
The primary cause of spots appearing on skin is exposure to direct sunlight. This poses a bigger issue, especially during summers and during the afternoon hours from around 11 AM to 3 PM. In general, the choice of sunscreen lotion (as long as the sun protection factor or SPF is greater than 15) is not as important as the time and frequency of application. Sunscreen must be applied at least half an hour prior to exposure to sun. Also, in case the exposure lasts for more than a couple of hours, reapplication becomes mandatory.
Keeping skin cool
Uncontrolled melanin activity of the skin that leads to appearing of spots on skin and can be prevented by maintaining low temperature of the skin. Examples include storing skin care products like alcohol free toning agents in the refrigerator. The application of these cold products will help lower skin temperature. Cold gel based masks help in skin improvement by not only cooling the skin, but also through their hydrating effect.
Regular exfoliation
Once skin discoloration has already appeared, it can be managed better by regular exfoliation as part of skin care. Exfoliating agents such as facial scrubs, salicylic and glycolic acids help in breaking the pigmented cells and reducing visibility of sun spots. However, too much exfoliation can also stimulate melanin activity, especially during summers. Therefore, it is essential to achieve this fine balance as part of good skin care practice.
Using a skin lightener
Skin lighteners also help in preventing sun spots by assisting in suppressing melanin activity of cells. Many skin lightening products available in the market contain ingredients such as hydroquinone. Since, skin is an extremely sensitive organ, it is always better to use skin care products that contain natural and organic ingredients not having any side effects.
Apart from these skin care tips that prevent sun spots from occurring, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also extremely crucial. For example, an anti-oxidant rich diet comprising plenty of fruits and vegetables helps in skin care by boosting the defense system of skin against sun damage. While complete prevention may not be possible, especially during summers, simple tips as part of skin car e practice helps in maintaining an even skin tone making sun spots less visible.

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